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Why A Photo & Video team works

There are some distinct advantages of why a photographer and videographer team should work together at your wedding

Why a Team Works

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By Hiring the same company, you align priorities and both teams to focus on creating the best possible combined product.

This leads to both teams being more willing to share time and creativity, communicate and coordinate.

Hiring the same company also makes one company 100% accountable for the final results, so your separate creative teams cant blame each other for missed photo and/or video shots.


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Shared teams have experience working with one another, so they can anticipate each others positioning, style and needs.

Think of it like this. You wouldn't hire a band performing together for the first time at your wedding.


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Shared Vision

Booking a combined photography and videography package ensures a consistent style and quality.

Additionally, you'll experience a shared vision among you (The Client), the photo team and the video team


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Less Admin

Using the same company for photography and videography will save time in the booking process and any other admin dealing with separate companies.

You set up a single meeting for both leads and communicate with one person at the studio while meeting both members. All your questions and answers are answered at once.


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Package Discounts

While price shouldn't be a determining factor when shopping for your photographer and videographers, it doesn't hurt that most companies, including ours, have potential pricing discounts when you book photography and cinematography together.