Ed + Sam at Kin House

Love was in the air as the picturesque Kin House in Chippenham became the backdrop for Ed and Sam's unforgettable wedding day.

From the nervous anticipation in the morning to the heartfelt moments shared throughout the day, their union was nothing short of magical. As the rain delicately fell, sealing their commitment, it was evident that their love would weather any storm. Join us as we recount the highlights of this beautiful celebration, filled with personal touches and cherished memories.

Nervous Vibes Melted Away: A Blissful Encounter the morning was filled with a mix of excitement and nervousness as Ed and Sam prepared for their big day.

Anticipation hung in the air as they separately readied themselves, surrounded by loved ones. But as they caught their first glimpse of each other, all nerves dissolved. Their eyes met, and in that moment, the world stood still. The love and joy that radiated from them enveloped everyone in attendance.

Sealing their Love: A Fine Drizzle and a Classic Ride As the ceremony drew to a close, the heavens shed tears of happiness when it started raining right after confetti.

Undeterred, Ed and Sam departed from church in a stunning family heirloom, a vibrant red Ford Mustang. The vintage car perfectly captured their spirit of adventure and served as a symbol of the exciting journey they were embarking on together.

Delights for the Senses: Oysters and Melodies. Ed and Sam wanted their wedding day to be a multi-sensory experience, and they certainly achieved it.

An Oyster Meister delighted guests with the freshest seafood delicacies, while a The Swing Ninjas filled the air with enchanting melodies. The attention to detail ensured that every moment was not only visually beautiful but also a treat for the taste buds and ears.

Love Knows No Bounds: A Global Gathering Love knows no bounds, and that was evident by the presence of guests who traveled from all over the world to witness their union.

From the stunning landscapes of Canada to the vast shores of Australia, friends and family came together to celebrate this special occasion. Their diverse backgrounds and cultures added an extra layer of richness to the day, reminding us all of the power of love to bring people together.

A Sweet Moment: Indulging in Wedding Cake As the evening sun cast a warm glow over the festivities.

Ed and Sam ended their day with a shot we had always dreamed of – a moment just for the two of them. Eating their wedding cake all by them selves.

Ed and Sam's wedding at Kin House was a celebration of love, personal connections, and cherished memories. From the nervous vibes in the morning to the joyous culmination of their day, every moment was infused with the magic of their union. Surrounded by family and friends from all corners of the world. They embarked on a new chapter of their lives, bound together by a love that knows no distance. It was an honour to capture these timeless moments, ensuring that their love story will be forever remembered through the lens of our cameras.

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