J + R in Surrey

One of our best bridal couples ever. They had such a great time, and their friends were LOADS of fun. We can't wait to see them all again!
J + R is a pair of thirty-somethings who live in Surrey, UK. They have been together since they were teenagers, so there was no doubt that they would get hitched in their thirties.
There were around 100 guests at the event: all friends of the couple, who had known each other since school days and even before then! It was a fantastic night - everyone had a great time dancing and chatting.
Summer 2022
Summer is a popular time for weddings, and there are many reasons why. For one thing, the weather is often nicer in summer than in other seasons. Many couples want to take advantage of this by getting married outside or having their ceremony on a beach or other scenic location.
The Old Rectory, close to Surrey, UK.
The Old Rectory is a traditional home converted into a luxury wedding venue. It’s perfect for intimate weddings and family gatherings.
Situated in Surrey, it's close enough for you to attend your nearest friends and family without having to travel far away from your home or hotel.
The couple and their friends were LOADS of fun.
The speeches were a blast, with lots of laughs and tears alike.
The Old Rectory is an excellent venue for weddings, and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to work there. Our team created a fantastic atmosphere for this couple's big day!

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