12 Things your Videographer wants you to know

12 Things your videographer wants you to know

Your videographer will be thinking of many things you might need to consider on your wedding day. Here are 12 essential considerations for you and your partner.

Old Church tower in Birmingham

01. We need an early Start

A good video will include lots of B-roll and you'll likely include a variety of angles, shots and transitions.

B-Roll video is supplemental to the main story and an important tool to help establish the day and to engage your audience.

To get good B-roll for your video, we prefer to start early and film the venue before guests arrive.

02. Sound is as important as Footage

We always try to use sound recordings during the highlights clip, like your spoken vows or your dad's speech. Both sound and video are a partnership in your video, and both need to complement each other.

To get the best sound we will need to mic up anyone with a speaking role during the ceremony and speeches.

Please list everyone who will be speaking and reading at the ceremony.

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