Advice for Perfect Rainy Day Photos

Bride and groom walking in the rain holding a white umbrella

Advice for Perfect Rainy Day Photos

Crossing your fingers won't always keep the clouds away on your big day. But rain or shine, your wedding day is a special one.

Here are some tips we have learnt over the years on tackling the elements and making your photos shine on a rainy wedding day.

01. Plan Ahead

When it comes to your big day, there's nothing more important than the quality of your photos and video. And while we know that you want the day to be perfect, one thing you can do to ensure that your photos look their best is to make sure you have a plan B on the day.

How will you get around if it's raining on your wedding day? Will you need an umbrella? Is there a plan for indoor spaces for photo opportunities? You can answer these questions by chatting with your venue about indoor spaces for photo opportunities. Many hotels have honeymoon suites, lounges and bars that can be used for this purpose. The more you plan ahead of time, the better!

While most photographers and videographers will have water-resistant gear, it is not waterproof. If it's just a drizzle, we'll be fine—but if it's pouring down rain all day long, we can't work. So it's always important to know your photographers' abilities and how they will deal with rainy days. The best way is to have a photographer with experience and confidence in photographing in the rain!

Wedding Guests leaving a ceremony in the rain

02. Embrace It!

Rainy days are supposed to bring good luck, but nobody wants to worry about rain on their wedding day.

But who says you can't embrace the rain? The most memorable movie kisses involve rain.

It's a great chance to let your love shine through—it just might give your photos a little extra something special. And who doesn't love a kiss in the rain?

So have some fun with it, and who cares if t

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